There’s only a few options to worry about when fixing computers. For example, a Sony repair center would focus on Intel powered components, working to return full function to desktop computers and using experienced technicians to diagnose notebook repair. But time has passed, and the computer landscape has transformed to the point where general computer repair companies need specialists able to apply their skills to macbook repair.

It’s possible to hire experts skilled in both macbook repair and notebook repair, but it’s perhaps more efficient to look for computer shops with more than one specialist, someone whose skills are targeted at restoring Apple products to full function, and at least one other person to work specifically on personal computers based on an Intel architecture.

Some Apple computers do use an Intel architecture but they’re still designed to run some version of the OS X operating system, which a technician specializing in macbook repair will be far more familiar with. Fortunately, those are the only two operating systems favored by manufacturers, most likely because they’re both giants of industry and it would be near impossible to compete with either Apple or Intel.

A Sony repair center works exclusively on Sony products, of which there’s a dizzying amount, from cameras to games consoles, high-definition televisions and any other piece of electronics found in electronics stores. Several popular notebook computer lines are part of the Sony brand so notebook repair is part of a Sony repair center, as is working on Sony’s huge line of professional cameras and media players.


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